Originally from Thailand, I have a BFA degree in Film and Photography.  I worked as a freelance photographer and designer when I was in Thailand for almost 2 years. I came to US in 2005 to continue my MFA degree in Computer Art : New Media at the Academy of Art University. My concentration was motion graphic and this is what I love to do as a career.

    Even though, design and animation are my strongest skills but,  I always love to experiment and try different types of media as well. I like to create things and many times I made those creations of Art by hand instead of using mouse and keyboard. This builds up my variety skills, I am willing to work on any new challenges. I love learning new things and not afraid of something different from my past experience 

    "Collaboration" is my working attitude. I love to share my thoughts and learn new idea from other people. I’m good in working as a team and not afraid to work under pressure or taking a big responsibility such as, a director or a team leader. 

    As a Motion Graphic Design Instructor at the Academy of Art University  since 2008 (BA and MFA online education). I love to share my knowledge and experience to the new generation. At the same time, a chance to be close to the fresh idea, fresh energy and keep myself up-to-date to the motion graphic design industry.

    I'm an active and positive thinking person. I love to go out to different places, learn different cultures, because there are so many things to learn and it will never ends. This inspired me and it helps me to realize that there were always going to have a reasons explain how things happened in this world. "Work hard" is my belief, it makes me strong strong as a person and lead me to the goal of my life. My favorite quote is " When there's will, there's a way ". This quote is so true, I experienced of how truly this quote could be. I never give up, when I start to do something I must finished it. I'm a person who recognize my own abilities and I know that it might always be someone who is better, but will never stop trying to improve myself.

San Francisco, CA, USA. 2005-2010  // Bangkok, Thailand 2010 - present